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Organic Health Products

NTP Health Products provides natural and organic health products for premium quality, head-to-toe care, inside and out! To experience the best that nature has to offer for your health and beauty, please explore our fantastic range of health foods, supplements and beauty products.

Our Products

Health Foods

• Udo’s Oil & Udo’s Choice
• Manuka Active Honey
• Oil4Life Coconut Oil
• Barrington River Organic Farm - seasonal produce
• Organic Black Garlic
• Styrian Pumpkin Seed Products
• Cert. Org Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Supplements

• Udo’s Oil & Udo’s Choice
• Flor*Essence Tea
• Flora Vegesil
• Fusion supplements
• Heritage Store Castor Oil
• Oxymin supplements
• PPC Herbs

Hair Care

• Tints of Nature – PERMANENT and SEMI-permanent hair colour
• Surya Brasil – temporary hair colour & treatments
• Honeybee Gardens Hairspray
• Surya Sapien Mens hair products
• Hair health supplements


• Teeccino caffeine-free herbal coffee
• Flora Flor*Essence Herbal Tea
• Flora Herbal Teas

• Flora Flor*Essence Cream
• Surya Sapien Men
• Surya Sapien Women
• MattePerfect facial blotting papers
• Lip Balms
• Skincare health supplements
• Heritage Store Castor Oil products

• Dr Bronner’s Hand/Body Soaps
• Honeybee Gardens men’s range
• Amazonia Preciosa Body Care
• Surya Sapien men’s products
• Auromere Ayuvedic products
• Organic hand Sanitiser
• Surya Sapien Women’s products

• Honeybee Gardens cosmetics
• Lip Balms
• MattePerfect facial blotting papers
• Honeybee Gardens cosmetic tools

Handmade Glassware

• Carafes
• Drinking Glasses and Tumblers
• Wine Glasseware
• Energy Plates
• Glass Drinking Bottle
• Music CD’s
• Fine Porcelain

Health Books Australia

• Alive Natural Health Guides
• Assorted Titles
• Udo Erasmus titles
• Masaru Emoto titles

Pet Care

• Missing Link Well Blend
• Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Soap
• Ora Manuka Active Honey
• Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend

Vegan Products

• Udo’s Oil & Udo’s Choice
• Surya Lip Balms
• Teeccino
• Honeybee Gardens cosmetics
• Tints of Nature hair colour
• Surya hair colour
• Vegan health books

Health Equipment

• Water Ozonator
• Sota Lightworks
• Pure Wool Flannel
• pH Testing Tape

Barrington River Organic Farm

• Organic Garlic (seasonal)
• Black Garlic
• Organic Olive Leaves
• Seasonal Crops

Other Products

• Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds
• Fusion Dermaheal
• pH Testing Tape
• Pure Wool Flannel
• Raw Gournet DVD

GIFT packs

• "It's Christmas!" Gift Pack
• "Pamper Me" Gift Pack
• “Chillax Kit” Gift Pack
• “Precious Pet” Gift Pack
• New Mother and Baby Gift Pack
• “Here Comes the Bride” Gift Pack

What's New?

This is our exciting page of newest products...

Hair Care

Current Specials!

This is our exciting page of special deals – usually for a short time only...Health Foods

Our Websites

www.udoshealthproducts.com.au Information about Udo’s Choice products manufactured by Flora (Canada), including Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend, Udo’s Beyond Greens, and Udo’s 3-6-9 DHA Oil Blend.

www.tintsofnature.com.au Information about the Tints of Nature range of 24 permanent hair colours and hair treatment products, made by Herb UK.

www.suryabodycare.com.au Information about the semi-permanent range of hair colours and treatments, plus skin and bodycare products made by Surya Brasil (Brazil).

www.teeccino.com.au Information about Teeccino caffeine-free herbal coffee alternatives made by Teeccino (USA).

www.oramanukahoney.com.au Information about Ora Manuka Active Honey imported from the East Cape of New Zealand.

www.honeybeegardens.com.au Information about our full range of Honeybee Gardens cosmetics including natural lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, nailpolishes and much more, made by Honeybee Gardens (USA).

www.matteperfect.com.au Information about luxurious, natural silk/linen facial blotting papers made in Japan and Singapore by MattePerfect.

www.barringtonriverorganicfarm.com.au Information about our certified biodynamic farm and our seasonal harvests of produce, including organic garlic, organic turmeric, organic olive leaf, organic beef and others as listed.


www.organiccoloursystems.com.au Information about the Organic Colour Systems professional permanent hair colouring and treatment systems created by Herb UK.

www.keragreen.com.au Information about the natural keratin and protein smoothing system for professional hair stylists made by Lord Beauty Design (USA).


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